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What are the GameHouse subscriptions?

Knowledge Editor
posted this on May 20, 2013, 22:52

GameHouse offers one subscription, namely FunPass. We used to offer FunTicket, FunTicket Duo and GamePass, but those are no longer available to new subscribers. If you still have a FunTicket or FunTicket Duo subscription, this will remain the same.

With FunPass you have unlimited access to all of our games. This means you can play all our games as long and as often as you want during your subscription. You get one free monthly credit with which you can choose a free game to own every month as well. The games you buy with these credits are yours to keep forever, even after cancelling your subscription.

Are you a FunTicket, FunTicket Duo or GamePass member?
You can now play all games in the catalog as often and as long as they want, and you get two credits every month, redeemable for any two Standard games or one Platinum game or Double Pack. So you are no longer be limited by the 60 minute trial time, and you can choose from our entire catalog of games.


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