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What are the GameHouse memberships?

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posted this on May 20, 2013, 13:52

All of our download games are available for purchase without a membership. In addition, we offer two paid membership options, FunPass and FunTicket, described below:

FunPass is our best-value game membership that gives you unlimited play of over 2,300 full-version games, including 2,000+ PC games and 300+ Mac games, for a low monthly rate*. Just connect to the Internet, click on any FunPass designated game on, download and install the game, sign in to FunPass and play. There are no time limits or restrictions and you never see in-game ads. Additionally, you'll receive a free game credit each month. This credit is redeemable for a game of your choice (2 credits for a Platinum Edition game) which is yours to own forever. For any additional game purchases, you'll receive a 30% discount. 

*All Platinum Edition games are included with FunPass.

For the current price, and joining FunPass, click here.

Read more about using FunPass.

- A FunTicket Duo membership lets you buy and own games at the best available discounts. For only $9.99 (plus applicable taxes) per month, you get two credits every month, redeemable for any two Standard games or one Platinum game.

FunTicket Duo offers great value for our customers who enjoy owning the games they play. Compared to the former FunTicket subscription membership, FunTicket Duo offers double the benefit for only $3.00 more per month.   

Is FunTicket Duo right for you? Just click here to learn more about this new subscription membership and start your 7-day Free Trial (free trial available only to new subscribers).

- No membership? All of our download games can be purchased without a membership. To purchase an individual game, click the Buy Now button on the product detail page.


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