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How can I cancel my membership?

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posted this on June 7, 2013, 19:41

Please follow the below mentioned steps to cancel your membership.

1. Go to and click the Sign In link

Sign In.PNG


2. Sign in with the email address and password for your account.



3. In the upper right corner of our website, you'll see a link to My Profile. Click on that link.



4. Scroll down to the My Memberships section of your Profile page. Click the Cancel Subscription link to start the cancel process.

Cancel Subscription.PNG

Is the cancellation effective immediately? Your membership will remain active until the next date on which you would have been billed. On that day, your membership ends and we will not bill you again. (For example, if you are a FunPass member and your billing date is the 3rd of each month, and you cancel your membership on August 15, you can continue to play games online with your FunPass account until September 3.)

What happens to unused credits? Your remaining free game credits will expire 60 days after you cancel. 

Will I still be able to redownload the games I bought with my membership? You will still be able to log into your GameHouse account and access your purchased content.

Just want to stop getting emails from GameHouse? Click here for instructions. (If you cancel your membership, you will still need to unsubscribe as a separate step if you no longer want to receive our emails.)

If you still have questions or concerns about how to get the most out of your GameHouse membership, please contact Customer Support for assistance. Our team will be happy to help you maximize the benefits that come with your account.

You can reach our support team via the contact form: Contact Form


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