What payment methods and currencies are accepted on GameHouse?

What payment methods are accepted on GameHouse?
We accept international credit cards and some debit cards that work like credit cards (depending on fund availability and authorization from the issuing bank). 

It is very possible that if you have a debit card, gift card, or pre-paid card that works the same as a credit card, we may be able to accept it initially, however, payments will often be declined due to the nature of such cards, fund availability, and the fact that payments are run as recurring debits.

Note: If you "lock" your card after making your purchase/adding your card details, the transaction will not work due to varying bank processing times. You must keep your card unlocked to allow enough time for the bank to process/authorize the transaction.


What currencies are accepted on GameHouse?
All prices on the GameHouse website are listed in US dollars (USD). If you live outside the US and place an order, the bank that issued your credit card will automatically convert the amount from your local currency and pay us in US dollars (USD). Your statement will reflect the transaction in your normal currency at the current exchange rate.

Note: All prices shown on our website are not inclusive of any applicable taxes.


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