I received a message that GameHouse wasn't able to collect my payment

Reasons why you may have received this message 

  • The card on file has expired card/new card has been issued
  • Incorrect card number
  • Insufficient funds
  • Payment from GameHouse was blocked by your bank/card issuer
  • You're using a pre-paid, debit or gift card
  • Your address does not match the card information

Possible solutions

1. Ensure you've considered the above possible issues and correct any discrepancies with your card details through your My Profile page, then scroll down to Billing Information.

If you successfully added a pre-paid card, debit card or gift card and now the payment won't process, this is because we can't collect payment from such cards due to the nature of them and that payments are run as recurring.

2. If your information appears to be correct, please contact your bank/card issuer to ensure there are no issues from their end (they've blocked the payments or authorization)

3. If you use a credit card, cannot see any issues with your billing information and your bank/card issuer also cannot see any issues, please contact Customer Support and provide the first 6 numbers and the last 4 numbers only of the card you're using so they can look for more information in the payment funnel.


Once you've updated your details or resolved the issue with your card
Check your subscription status in the My Subscriptions section of your GameHouse profile page.

  • Subscription status - Active

If your subscription is still listed and the status is active, then we will try and charge your updated card as soon as possible and in the meantime, you can continue playing games.

  • Subscription status - Suspended

If your subscription is listed as suspended, you can use the Reactivate my subscription button to start playing again right away. If this does not work and you had FunPass, please click here to subscribe again.


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