Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home

General game play help - walkthrough
If you need some general game play help, please check out our walkthrough for this game - Delicious - Emily's Home Sweet Home

Some issues have been found in Delicious – Emily’s Home Sweet Home. See this article for tips to resolve the below issues.

Bonus level between 29-30 can sometimes not be completed
You can still complete the level, you just may need to play it a few times.

I get the error message ‘Unknown error’ when I try to download the game
On your computer you have your user account(s) and an administrator account. If you’re not already in the administrator account, please choose this login on your computer and then try re-downloading the game again as this should resolve the problem.

I have issues with level 11a (bonus level): I’m unable to choose the matchsticks 
To be able to play this level, you will need to unlock the pocket knife first. To unlock it, you need to serve the match sticks 5 times. If the knife is not unlocked yet, play more levels first, then come back to this bonus level. You will then have the matches and the pocket knife during the level. 

I can’t open or change the menu in the game 
Our developers are aware that some users are experiencing issues with the menu. But as a solution please go to the settings of the game and  go to Show Game Hints. Turn these back on. After this the menu should work for you.

Where are the 10 extra levels for premium?
Unfortunately the 10 levels that are mentioned in the premium section do not exist. The game contains 60 levels in total. This was a communication error and we apologize.

I have issues with Restaurant 4 Garden: no one orders the fruity water
We are aware that the fruity water in Restaurant 4 can't be used, however you can still unlock all the trophies and finish the game. Be sure to check that all menu items have been put out in the restaurant also.



Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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