I can't update my billing information


General updating issues

Solution 1 - Check the card you're using is a credit card
We only accept international credit cards as a valid method of payment. If you're trying to add a debit card, pre-paid card or any other type of card, this may be the reason why you're unable to update. You will need to use a credit card instead.

Solution 2 - Refresh the billing information page
It's possible that our servers have been recently updated and you're not using the latest version of the billing information page. 

To ensure you are using the latest version of the page, please press the CTRL+F5 keys on your computer keyboard as this will refresh the page to the latest version.

Solution 3 - Clear your browsing data/cookies 
Click here for step by step instructions for the browser you're using and then use this link to access our website again


Invalid Address error

Check that you've entered the billing address correctly and that it is the address connected to your card
If you receive an error message Invalid Address, in most cases, this means the address isn't being entered correctly or doesn't match the address connected to your card. Check this and try again.

The order page keeps processing

Solution 1 - Try a different browser (PC and Mac)
Use this link in a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and try updating again.

Sometimes browser extensions can cause this problem, so changing browsers and/or temporarily disabling browser extensions can solve the problem right away. Chrome: Tools > Extensions > toggle off. Firefox: Add-Ons > Extensions > Disable.

Solution 2 - Check Security (PC only)
If you are using Kaspersky as your security software, then disable the Safe Money app temporarily and then try updating again. Please click here for instructions. 


Check with your bank if there are any issues
If you've tried all of the above and are still unable to update your card details, please check with your bank/card issuer to ensure they're not blocking your card.


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