What are the FunTicket (Duo) benefits?

What is FunTicket (Duo)?

FunTicket (Duo) provides you with 2 free monthly credits for games of your choice. These games are yours to keep, even after cancelling your FunTicket (Duo) subscription.*

The benefits

  • NEW: Play the full versions of all games for as long and as often as you like (using the FunPass option in the game window)
  • On average 5 new games per week
  • Enjoy the games with no ads!
  • Get 2 free monthly credits for games of your choice
  • Fast and trustworthy support whenever you need it
  • Get exclusive access to hundreds of member only games!
  • Receive a 30% member discount if you want to buy a game

Click here to find out how to play the full versions of all games! This is in reference to FunPass subscribers, however it is exactly the same for FunTicket (Duo).


*NOTE: This subscription is no longer available to new subscribers, however if you already have a FunTicket (Duo) subscription, this will remain the same. Click here to learn more about the subscription we do have available.


Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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