Authentication Failed

Reasons why you might receive an Authentication Failed error message

Solution 1 - Sign out and clear cookies

1. Sign out of your GameHouse account from the website

2. Also sign out from the game window

3. Uncheck the Remember Me box in the game window

4. Clear your browsing data/internet cookies - click here for instructions

5. Access our site again via the following link -

6. Unlock the game via the Unlock Purchased Game option (if you purchased the game)

7. If you're unlocking with FunPass, choose the Play With FunPass option instead

Solution 2 - Try using a different internet browser

  • Depending on the browser you're using, you can download one of the following instead and try again through the new browser
  • Ensure your other browsers are closed before using the new browser
  • Click on one of the titles below to be taken to their site to safely download the browser



Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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