Error Code - 1000

Why you might see this error message - "Please close the game and try again later. Error code - 1000" 

  • This is temporary and is usually related to the server having a glitch and the problem should not persist
  • This could also be related to security software interrupting the connection which would have the same consequence where the connection is interrupted 


Solution 1 - Restart your computer and wait
As this is a temporary problem, we suggest to restart your computer and wait from anywhere between 1 hr to 3 hrs and try launching the game again. 


Solution 2 - Security Software Settings
In the Windows task bar, double-click the icon for your firewall software.
2. Locate the list of Internet applications the firewall is permitting/blocking.
3. Add GameHouse to the Permitted List and/or remove GameHouse from the Blocked List.
4. Close the Firewall Program.

NOTE: Repeat step 3 for your Anti-Virus Program also.


Solution 3 - Contact Customer Support
If the suggested solutions do not resolve the problem and you've allowed enough time for the temporary issue to be resolved, please let our Support Team know by getting in touch with them via the Contact Form!



Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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