Troubleshooting for games purchased through iTunes

Troubleshooting for games purchased through iTunes

  • Ensure you're using the most recent software version available. The latest version is iOS 9.3.
  • If a new game update becomes available, you will receive a message within the App Store that it's ready for download. You can also open the App store and check the Updates section.

Frequently Asked Questions 

I downloaded a game and it won't run. What can I do?
Please turn off your device and turn it on again and ensure your iOS software is up to date.

I had a problem downloading a game. What should I do?

This may be due to network issues with your Wi-Fi network or your provider. If you've already been charged for the app (please check your iTunes account, as the receipt to your account is instantaneous) you will be able download it again to the same device without being charged again (you must use the same username and password).

For more info on how to do this, visit If you are having further issues, please download the app or game to your Mac or PC through iTunes, then sync to your device.

I am having a problem with a specific game. How can I get help?

For help with Delicious games, you can email us at For all other games, you can contact us at  

Please include the following info:

  • What device you're using
  • Which game you're having trouble with
  • What version OS is on the device
  • Describe the problem in detail

Why can't I download/redownload Delicious - Emily's True Love LITE? 

This game for iPhone and iPad is currently not available. If you've already downloaded the game, you can continue to play all the levels you've paid to unlock. You will not be able to purchase additional levels or redownload the game at this time.

Can I install a game I've purchased or downloaded from on my iPad, tablet or mobile device?
Unfortunately, Mac and PC games are not compatible with any other device. Click here to find where you can purchase games that are compatible with your device.

I have downloaded a game to my iPhone or iPod Touch. Can I play it on my iPad?

Yes. Games that you've purchased for your iPhone or iPod can also be installed on your iPad.



Any further questions about App Store games? Please contact our Mobile Customer Support team at as they're always happy to help!

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