Google Chrome for Online Games

Google Chrome for online games

If you're not already using Chrome, you can download and install here!

If you're already using Chrome, make sure to have the latest version of this and of Java for the best online game experience with this browser. Please note that you can update Java only through Internet Explorer or Firefox.

In order to add the Internet Explorer (IE) Tab extension to Chrome, you will need to follow the below steps:

1. Go to the Menu option in Chrome

2. Then click on More Tools, Extensions, then Open Chrome Web Store

3. Now type in the search box IE Tab and then add the IE Tab offered by to Chrome by clicking on the blue Add to Chrome button

4. You'll now see this extension added to your Chrome browser in the upper right corner

5. Now go to the online game page and click on the button

6. Once the game loads using the extension, click on Run to open the application.


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