Site not displaying correctly

Reasons why our website might not display correctly

Certain security software programs might block the connection with our website causing the following issue


Solution - change web filtering settings

The program currently impacting some players is Vipre Antivirus Software. If our site is not displaying correctly and you have this program, please follow the below steps to solve this issue.

1. Launch Vipre and click on Manage


2. In the Antivirus section look for Web Filtering and turn it off by clicking on the blue ON button so that it now shows as OFF


3. Try to access our website again while Web Filtering is turned off as it should now display correctly

4. Alternatively to step 3, click on Manage Allowed Websites, enter in and click the Add Website button to be able to access our site again


NOTE: If you use a different security software program and experience this issue with our site, please try searching for Web Filtering options in the program you're using and try turning it off also or adding GameHouse to the allowed list.


Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!


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