Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever

General game play help - walkthrough
If you need some general game play help, please check out our walkthrough for this game - Fabulous - Angela's Fashion Fever

The purple timer flickers in full screen mode
This is known to us and our testers are looking into this, however this will not disrupt gameplay.

No text in some levels
Text will appear only in levels that have a big event, so not all levels will have text.

Money to buy items
If you're use to the Delicious series, then it may seem like you get less money in Fabulous, however in Delicious there is a cap on this, in this Fabulous game you actually earn a lot more because you can earn extra money every time you play a level - there's no cap!

How to remove a player profile
Go to the menu within the game, then to settings and here you can delete the profile. You can then start the game over and create a new profile. 

HS9 Error
This game is quite graphically demanding and we are aware of some players receiving this error when playing this Fabulous game. To resolve this issue, you will need to update your graphic card driver as it is likely out of date. Click here for instructions.

Game progress not saving
We are aware that some players haven't been able to save their game progress. To resolve this issue you can try running the game as administrator or change the UAC settings. Click here for instructions.

NOTE: If the name saved to your Administrator account on your computer has a character in it (e.g. á, è, ç or ñ), then this may be causing this issue. Before ensuring you're playing from the administrator account, remove any characters from the name and see if this resolves the problem immediately.



Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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