Heart's Medicine - Time to Heal: Disinfectant Rub mini game

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Disinfectant Rub mini game
To complete this mini game you must make a disinfectant rub consisting of either one, two or three cotton balls plus the disinfectant.

When a patient is seated, the bubble above their head will tell you how many cotton balls they require. In this example the patient requires 2 cotton balls plus the disinfectant.

  • In this example the patient requires 3 cotton balls plus the disinfectant

  • To make the disinfectant rub go over to the disinfectant trolley and click on the cotton ball, a bubble will pop up to show the status of your creation.

  • You can add another cotton ball by clicking again on the cotton ball.

  • You can complete your disinfectant rub by clicking on the disinfectant and the rub will now go to your tray.

  • You can make disinfectant rubs using 1, 2 or 3 cotton balls, depending on the patient's requirements. When you click on the disinfectant it will always complete your creation.
  • Once you have your required type of disinfectant rub, click on the patient again to apply the rub and start the mini game.
  • A circle will appear with a yellow 'RUB' button in the middle. Click and hold on the 'RUB' button and drag it up and down rapidly, making sure that you keep it within the circle boundaries at all times.

  • As you drag the 'RUB' button up and down, the circle will start to fill up with purple. The faster that you drag the 'RUB' Button the quicker the circle will fill. Once the circle is completely full, the mini game is completed.



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