Cathy's Crafts: Tips & Tricks and bug fixes


  • Game does not display correctly/too big for screen 
  • Various game play issues (too difficult, certain functions not working, graphical displays, etc) 

A new version was already released which fixes all of the bugs noted above. Please uninstall the game and then redownload it from the game page to get the latest version! 

PCClick here!

Mac - Click here!

Note: You will not lose your game progress by uninstalling the game!


Tips and tricks!

3 stars on levels 2.3 and 2.4 
It is possible to pass these levels and also obtain 3 stars in each with the new build of the game. This game is quite difficult, however make sure you're getting all the quick bonuses and the customer chains to achieve the maximum score. Also, ensure you're using the correct menu items and keep an eye on the customer forecast.

Unable to get 2 trophies: Craft Expert, Shopaholic
This is a known issue and will not be fixed. The game can still be played without obtaining the 2 trophies.

Game crashes in level 6.1 when purchasing the counter
This is a known issue and will not be fixed. The game can still be played by simply choosing not to buy the counter.

Varying error messages or game crashes 
This is not an issue with the game and is likely an issue with an outdated graphic card driver. Click here to follow the steps provided for your graphic card. 

For general gameplay help, you can find the official walkthrough here!





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