Compression Layer Error

Reasons why you might see the Compression Layer error

This error can occur when downloading games while using a security software called McAfee

To resolve this issue, please follow the below steps:

1. Open up Mcafee by double clicking on it's icon from the desktop

2. Click on on the Real-time scanning box 

3. Then in the next window, click on the Real Time scanning box

4. On the next window click Turn Off

5. On the next window set the timer to 15 minutes and press Turn Off 

6. You will now be able to download games from the site whilst this option is turned off.

After you have completed the download you can either, turn it back on again or just wait until the 15 mins is over and it will automatically turn on again.

You should now be able to download anything from our website again while Real-time scanning is turned off.


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