Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol

Some issues have been found in Delicious – Emily’s Christmas Carol. See this article for tips to resolve the below issues.


General game play help - walkthrough
If you need some general game play help, please check out our walkthrough for this game - Delicious - Emily's Christmas Carol walkthrough!


Game will not play in full screen (Mac- Yosemite and Mavericks) 
This game cannot be played in full screen mode for some Yosemite and Mavericks users. This will not be fixed at this stage and the game can still be played in windowed mode.

Restaurant 4 - Cashew Mix 'Quick Preparation Time' isn't working (PC and Mac)
The 'Cashew Mix' (Nuts & Spices, the items under the counter on Restaurant 4) has the tag of 'Quick Preparation Time'. This feature only works with the left item, which is fast, but the other 2 (center and right) have no fast prep time.

Restaurant 6 - Customers won't order white Christmas tea (PC and Mac)
This issue has been resolved in the update released on November 3rd. Please uninstall and redownload the game to ensure you're playing the latest version.

Restaurant 6 - the right side of the oven cooks faster (PC)
When you cook the things in the oven, the one on the right gets cooked faster than the one on the left. It only happens with the non-upgraded item. With the chicken item (the upgraded one) it works at the same speed for both sides.

Level 3 - challenge partly resets (PC and Mac)
After finishing the challenge during game play, your diamond is awarded. Directly after getting the diamond, however, the circle counter resets for 1/3 part and another table needs to be cleaned to fill it up again. This has no influence on the diamond achievement; even though the counter partly resets, the diamond is still awarded.

Note: This issue may be resolved in a later update of this game.

Level 13 - you lose when spilling coffee (PC and Mac)
For this level, you lose when you spill coffee. The challenge says "play perfectly" which implies that spilling is incorrect (not perfect), but the sentence "without removing any items from tray" suggests that it's just about removing the items. This is by design.

Level 37 challenge - challenge can be achieved by adding the wrong item (PC and Mac)
When filling the tray the first time with spices, then removing one of the 5 items and adding any other item (hay, water, honey, etc) it will count as the second part of the challenge. Also, removing one spice from a tray slot and adding one again will count as the second part of the challenge.

Note: In easy mode, you only need to fill the tray with spices once (even though it says twice). This may be resolved in a later update of this game.

Level 50 - challenge doesn't work properly (PC)
If you have difficulty with achieving the Level 50 challenge, please note that it only counts when you serve tables with 4 customers on it.  

Sound keeps playing when changing focus (Mac)
Sound keeps playing after changing focus, although this is supposed to mute. Simply mute the sound on your computer to resolve this issue.



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