Active Mark installer has stopped working

Reasons why you might receive the error message - "Active Mark installer has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you when a solution is available." 

Note: All Windows systems have IE, whether you use it or not. Our game windows/installers are connected to IE and require the latest version and for Flash Player via IE to be active and working.

Solution (part 1) - Check that you have the latest version of Internet Explorer

1. Search for Internet Explorer (IE) in the Windows Search bar on your computer and check the version you have. You need Internet Explorer 11.

2. If you can't locate IE on your computer or need to update it to IE 11, then click here for further help.


Solution (part 2) - Make sure Flash player is working via Internet Explorer

1. Copy and paste this link into your IE address bar - 

2. Click on Check Now as you should be able to see the animated tree on the website which indicates it's installed and active

3. If this is not the case, simply use this link (within IE) to update your Flash Player

You should now be able to download all of your games again.



Any further questions? Please contact Customer Support as they're always ready to help!

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