Sales Tax

Due to a decision made in 2018 by the Supreme Court to uphold each state’s right to collect sales tax from retailers based outside of the state, we are required to collect sales tax on digital sales originating from a broader number of states than before.

We automatically collect sales tax along with your payments, which may be one-time purchases or a monthly subscription. The sales tax we collect will be remitted to your respective state department of revenue. 

As new laws are introduced, new states may require sales tax to be collected and as such, this list will be updated to include those states.

We collect state sales tax in all of the following states:

• Arizona (AZ)
• District of Columbia (DC)
• Georgia (GA) as of January 1st, 2024
• Hawaii (HI)
• Illinois (IL)
• Indiana (IN)
• Kansas (KS)
• Kentucky (KY)
• Louisiana (LA)
• Maine (ME)
• Maryland (MD)
• Massachusetts (MA)
• Michigan (MI)
• Minnesota (MN)
• Nebraska (NE)
• New Jersey (NJ)
• New York (NY)
• North Carolina (NC)
• North Dakota (ND)
• Ohio (OH)
• Pennsylvania (PA)
• Tennessee (TN)
• Texas (TX)
• Utah (UT)
• Vermont (VT)
• Washington (WA)
• West Virginia (WV)
• Wisconsin (WI)


Note: We collect sales tax based on the address associated with the payment method you provide. If you no longer live in the state indicated by your billing address, updating your payment information with your current address will allow us to accurately assess sales tax for your current state of residence. If you have questions about the sales tax policy, please visit your state’s department of revenue website.

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