Mac download and display issues

Solution 1 - Adjust security settings when a game will not download (error: publisher/developer unknown)

1. Go to System Preferences and double-click on Security and Privacy

2. In the section Allow apps downloaded from, please choose Anywhere


If you already have the above options selected, then to override your security settings and open the app anyway, please see the following steps:

1. In Finder, locate the app you want to open (don’t use Launchpad to do this. Launchpad doesn’t allow you to access the shortcut menu)

2. Press the Control key, then click the app icon.

3. Choose Open from the shortcut menu and click Open

4. The app is saved as an exception to your security settings and you will be able to open it in the future by double-clicking it, just like any registered app.

Solution 2 - Uninstall the game and then download it again

1. Locate the game on your system and right click on it and select delete or drag it into your trashcan (search for the game using the desktop search function or via the applications folder

2. You must then empty the trash can on your computer

3. The game is now uninstalled from your Mac

Solution 3 - Uninstall Flash Player and Shockwave and install them again

These programs are used to run our games, so making sure they're up to date will help our games run properly.

Step 1 - Uninstall Adobe Flash Player

1. Download Adobe Flash Player uninstaller and save the file to a location such as your desktop (where you can easily find it)

2. Quit all running applications on your computer, including your web browser. (Save the link to this article so you can return to it once you have finished running the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller).

3. Run the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller and then Restart your computer

Step 2 - Reinstall Adobe Flash and Shockwave Players

Solution 4 - Lower your screen resolution
Sometimes games can crash or look strange if the resolution is set too high. Please see the below steps to lower the resolution:

1. Open the Apple menu at the top left corner of your screen and select System Preferences

2. Under the Hardware section, click the Displays icon.

3. From the Display tab, try changing the resolution to something like 1024 x 768. Once you change the resolution to something lower, you can exit out of System Preferences.

4. Open up the game and to test if it now works correctly

Note: Once you're done playing the game in the lower resolution, you can set it back by following the above directions again and choosing your previous resolution of 1280 x 800 (or whatever it was previously set to).





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