Delicious - Emily's Road Trip: Known Bugs - Update available!

All of the bugs listed below have been fixed with new releases. To get the latest version, uninstall the game and download it again directly via the game page on our website.

Known Bugs

  • Issue with the fryer in Betty's place
  • Chapter 5 - The mother never pays
  • Chapter 1, level 5 - Francois only appears 4 out of 5 times
  • Daily challenge - the customers are invisible
  • Chapter 6 - No one orders pie
  • New Tastes trophy can't be unlocked

Known Issues
Error message: Unable to initialize OpenGL
Solution: The minimum OpenGL version required is: 3.2.1. If you do not have this version or above, then sadly this game may not be compatible with your system. To check what version you have and for possible workarounds, click here!

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