My game is stuck downloading the license

Solution 1 - Uninstall your security software program
Be sure to uninstall it from the control panel on your computer. You can then install your security program again and then try downloading the game again as this may already be resolved.

Solution 2 - Temporarily switch off/disable your security program
If the issue isn't resolved from solution 1, please temporarily switch off your security program and try the game again. Be sure to switch it back on after.

Solution 3 - Check that your security software isn't blocking downloads from GameHouse or the game itself

The steps will vary for different programs, however below is a general guide -

  1. Locate and open your security/firewall program
  2. Locate the list of Internet applications the firewall is permitting/blocking
  3. Add GameHouse to the Permitted List and/or remove GameHouse from the Blocked List
  4. Locate the Allowed or Exceptions list and click Add or Add Program
  5. Locate the game on your computer and add it to the Allowed or Exceptions list
  6. Close the Firewall Program and try downloading the game again


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