I was billed even though I cancelled my subscription

I cancelled around the same date as my billing date
If you cancelled on the same day as your billing date, then you may still be charged. You must cancel at least 1-2 days prior to avoid any unwanted charges. If your subscription is listed as 'suspended', you will not be charged again and your subscription will end on the 'end date' as shown in your account. You can continue to use your subscription until then.

I cancelled before my billing date, but I was still charged
When you cancel, if you have any outstanding payments, you will still be charged even if your subscription is cancelled and listed as 'suspended'. You will not be charged again and can continue to use your subscription until the 'end date' listed in your account as your subscription will automatically end on this date.

I cancelled my annual subscription but was still charged

Please reach out to Customer Support so they can go over your options with you.

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