HTTP 500 Error

Solution 1 - Check the games compatibility

  • If you're a Mac user, check that the game is the Mac version as not all games are available for both PC and Mac.

  • If there is no Mac version available, then this is the reason you're seeing the HTTP 500 error. If you purchased the game, please contact Customer Support for help.

Solution 2 - Uninstall, clear cookies and redownload
If the game is the correct version for your device (PC game on a PC device or Mac game on a Mac device), follow the steps below:

  1. If the game is installed, uninstall it by following the steps in this article

  2. Then, clear your browsers cookies. Click here for instructions

  3. Then you will use this link to access our website again.

  4. Once on the website, sign in and try downloading the game again.
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