I am stuck at a level/section in my game

Passing a certain level/section in your game

  • Check out the reviews for the game - If you're having trouble getting past a certain level in a game, other players may have tips to pass the level/section you're stuck at. Each game has it's very own reviews section on the game description page.
  • Check our Blog page for a walkthrough - We have our very own walkthroughs available for some games which can help with general game play issues. If we don't have one available, note that most Platinum Edition games come with a Walkthrough or Strategy Guide built into the game.
  • Search the internet - If you need further help, you can always search the internet for any helpful game play videos or images that might be available.

Game crashes/freezes at a certain level in the game

If your game crashes or freezes at a certain level in a game, please try uninstalling the game and the redownloading it again as this may help. Otherwise, please check out our help page article for further technical assistance.



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