GameHouse operates two different websites. Which one do I play on?

GameHouse operates two different websites - GameHouse Classic and GameHouse New.

In case you're not sure which website your account is on, we have included some handy tips below, as well as troubleshooting tips to help you get back to the correct website!

GameHouse Classic

  • FunPass subscription
  • Available for PC and Mac users*


*It is not possible to create a new account on the Classic website. If you're a Mac user, please contact Customer Support if you wish to create a new account.


GameHouse New

  • Monthly membership
  • Available for PC users 




If find yourself on the wrong website (usually if you're on a new computer), use the links below to help you get to the correct one.

If you continue to see the wrong website, clear your browsers cookies, then you must use the correct link from above to get you back on the correct website.




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