My game won't download

Solution 1 - Check for updates and close programs

Please make sure that all programs, updates, syncing programs, etc. are not running and are closed/paused, then restart your system and try downloading the game again. If updates for your operating system are available, perform them, restart your system, then try your download again.


Solution 2 - Clear your browser cookies and adjust your browser security settings
1. Clear your internet cookies/cache

2. Adjust your internet security settings

3. Then use this link to access our website again and try downloading the game again.

You can also try downloading your game through a different browser such as Chrome, Firefox, or Edge, as this may already help.

Solution 3 - Temporarily turn off/disable security software
1. Disable your virus scanner

2. Disable your pop-up blocker

3. Disable your firewall

4. Lower the privacy settings of your internet browser

5. Try downloading the game again

Note: Remember to enable your virus scanner/firewall again after trying the download again.


Solution 4 - Check security software to see if the game is being blocked

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