I can't log into my account

I'm trying to reset my password, but it isn't working
Head to this article if you're having trouble resetting your password.

I know my password and/or email address, but they're not being recognized
Solution 1-
It's possible your browser is remembering the wrong login information. Try manually entering in your email address and password, ensuring there are no spaces before or after each. You can also switch off any autofill functions in your browser to see if this helps.

Solution 2 - Clear your browsing data and cookies and then use this link to access the website again. Once you're on the website, reset your password and try logging in again. You can also try signing into your account from a different browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla FireFox, ensuring to use the link above to our website.

Solution 3 - GameHouse operates two websites - GameHouse New and GameHouse Classic. It's possible that you've come through to the wrong website and your login details aren't being recognized. Check out this article to ensure you're on the correct website. 

I've tried everything, but still can't login

Please reach out to the Customer Support Team and provide your account email address and they will be able to help right away!

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